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If you, or someone you know, would like to access the services offered by David Broadbent all you need to do is make a Referral. If you think you might be eligible for Medicare rebated services then you should really have a chat with your treating doctor. 

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Some of what David's Clients have said...


Wayne Sherwood

I was involved in a workplace accident several years ago now. It cost me my house and almost cost me my family. Things went pretty rock bottom. I never knew what depression was until this thing happened. The company didn't want to know me and the insurance company hung me out to dry. My doctor asked me to see a Psychologist. To be honest I was not keen. Was only when I nearly kissed a tree that the wife said "enoughs enough". Bottom line: If I don't go, she goes. Anyway, was referred to David Broadbent. Best thing I ever did. David has helped me so much with the pain management and I actually sleep now. I was really surpised to find out he has more metal inside his body than I have. Really understood where I was at and gave me practical advice and unwavering support. Truly wish I hadn't waited so long.

Former Truck Driver


Ruth Fitzsimmons

I initially found David Broadbent via my employers Employee Assistance Service (EAP) some years ago. Sorted some stuff out and that was that. Years later I had to leave my job as a child protection worker due to chronic stress, or so I thought. It turned out I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which was directly associated with all the forced removals, threats, and other stuff that happened in that job. I returned to see David and he has helped me beyond words. When I walked in the door I was a complete mess. Cried at the drop of a pin and couldn't remember the last time I had slept through. David worked collabaratively with my Psychiatrist and they couldn't have made a better team. When I told the Dr that David wanted me to consider Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT) he almost jumped out of his chair. Said it would be a great idea. It was! Within three (3) sessions I had my first full nights sleep in years. Can't recommend David highly enough.

Former Child Protection Officer


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