Online Psychology

David Broadbent may be able to help you even if you cannot make it to his practice. Tele-health, allows you to receive the benefits of psychological treatment at a time and place that suits you. If you have a busy schedule, or find it hard to travel, online treatment may be just the solution you need.

In this period of uncertainty and lockdowns (along with just plain personal responsibilty) that has become part of this COVID19 World, online treatment may be just what the doctor ordered. The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) currently has specialist item numbers to allow anyone with a GP Mental Health Care Plan to receive online threatment- where deemed clinically appropriate by David.

Online counseling with David Broadbent takes place on a web-based audio-visual platform that is fully compliant with all professional and government privacy regulations.

Examples of platforms we use are Zoom, Skype, Duo, Facetime, GoToMeeting,  WhatsApp, MS Teams. We are also able to incorporate any platform that you may have access to.

This means you get the same level of absolute confidentiality that you would receive in the practice itself. In online counselling you can expect the same warmth, compassion, integrity, and humor that David gives to all hispatients, but in a location that suits you.

Online counselling might be the right fit for you if:

Ewen Smith

"....When the COVID19 hit I found my working hours took a hit. Jobkeeper meant I had a job - but with a lot less to live on. The banks delayed the mortgage but I knew they would get me in the end. With a wife (who lost her hospitality job) and four kids I could't see a way out - and we were in lock-down. My wife arranged for a tele-health consult with our GP who identified reactive depression. I did not want to take medication so the GP recommended I see David Broadbent. When I contacted his rooms I found out that David was also in lock-down. He explained that even if lock-down was not in place he would still likely have the rooms closed. He did not want to risk cross-infection. Not good for me, but understandable. 

David then offered tele-health himself - except this time we used Skype. It worked really well. I just locked myself away for an hour and we chatted. Working with David via Skype did not take the issues away. What it did do is assist me develop a range of more personal skills that have resulted in the depression lifting. With the lock-down over I am now also seeing David in his rooms. I often think where would I be if online counselling with David had not been available. I am the first to complain how technology is taking over our world - am truly grateful it was there when I needed it though."

Alicia Stevenson

"....I have so much going on in my life I don't have time for 'me'. I know that, so it was no surprise really when my mum said I needed to do something about it. I tried to put her off, but she saw through that. She told me she'd actually seen someone hereself a few years back when she and dad were having a few issues - that was news to me. Anyway, I told her that with work being more demanding and all the running aorund with the kids I just didn't have the time. Pretty true anyway. What I didn't know is that mum had suspected I'd try that excuse and she had rung David Broadbent herself - the very same person she'd seen herself. Mum told me that David had suggested online counselling - and we could schedule an appointment around my availabilty (excuses).

We started one late on a Wednesday using Zoom and it was so easy. There he was sitting in a very extensive library with an amazing window in the background. When I asked about it David explained it was the virtual background feature of Zoom and we were sitting in Dr Strange's library (yes, the movie). David made the counselling process so easy to settle into. It did get more challenging from there though as we explored the challenges I am yet to get fully on top of. I see a way through though. Online counselling has been beyond insightful. Whether via Zoom or in person I could not recommend David highy enough."

If you are interested in exploring online psychology treatment with David Broadbent then click here to complete our online referral process.

Online psychology treatment will normally only be available to customers within Australia.

It is also only offered when clinically appropriate and is not appropriate for crisis intervention.

Online psychology treatment is not appropriate for people with thoughts of suicide or homicide.

Help is available at the:-

National Suicide Hotline   CALL 1300 659 467
Lifeline Australia                   CALL 13 11 14


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