Self Assessment

Many people spend a lot of time trawling the internet for lots of "stuff" that they might try and use to self-diagnose their own "stuff". This is understandable, and I have been known, at times, to do this myself. More than once I have become unstuck - as you often don't have the whole "story"; or your closeness to the "stuff" means that you are prone to interpret whatever you might come up with in an way that might just reinforce what you were "thinking" before you started. That is not to say we should not explore self-assessment. We should! In other language we might use words like reflection, self awareness etc. and that is not a bad thing. What I shall say is that the tools that I am sharing here are for the purposes of general sel-assessment of current situations. They are not major psychological assessment tools. Those should only be provided and analysed by a professionally trainned psychologist.

Having made the observations above, here are a number of commonly referenced tools.  They are offered for your personal education and should not be considered a replacement for appropriate professional advice.

The Depression, Anxiety & Stress Scale (DASS-21)

The Alcohol Audit (World Health Organisation)

The PTSD Checklist

Adverse Childhood Experiences International Questionnaire (ACE-IQ)


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